10,000,000 EXB Distribution on Private Pre-Sale
85,000,000 EXB Distribution on Main ICO
5,000,000 EXB Reserved for Developers & Bonus

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Introducing Extrabit

EXTRABIT establishes itself as a crypto mining company which has been making quite a mark in the cryptocurrency arcadia. In the recent months, the aspiring company has been successful at acquiring a contract from the local supplier which entitles them to free electricity usage over the course of the initial five years the supplement the mining functionality by virtue of complex hardware systems. Following the completion of the initial five years, the company is entitled to cheap electricity for a lifetime by virtue of the contract.

EXTRABIT emphasizes on secure investments and profitable mining aspects sighting an expected ROI of 185% on a yearly basis. The blockchain development company is presently at the brink of the cryptocurrency boom which glorifies the prospects of exponential returns in the years to come.


Cost Efficient Crypto Mining

With cheap maintenance cost & free electricity, we aim to be among the most profitable crypto mining platform

185% Yearly Return on Investment

As token holder, you will be paid in Ethereum every quarter as long as you own your EXB tokens

Highly Token Distribution

95 percent of all EXB tokens will be available to the public during our ICO period and only keep 5% for developers & bonus

ROI Calculator

The following model shows the assumed return using an annual projected token profit based on a 20% reinvestment strategy and current mining difficulty & market conditions. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be regarded as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token profits will be cashed out in Ethereum every quarter


Annual Cashout Annual Reinvest
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
Year 4:
Year 5:
Total Profit:

Road Map

The roadmap is divided into several stages, showing the route the company has taken so far and expects to have in the coming months following the ICO

Founding of Extrabit

AUG 2017

Developing First Mining Farm

SEP 2017

Negotiated Electricity Price Contract

Feb 2018

Private Pre-Sale

APR 2018

Main ICO

MAY 2018


JUN 2018

Publish EXB Wallet

JUN 2018

Developing Second Mining Farm

AUG 2018

Developing DMP

AUG 2018

DMP Portal For Miners

JAN 2019


Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-05-01 2018-05-07 30000000 EXB 0.35 USD
2018-05-10 2018-05-17 30000000 EXB 0.40 USD
2018-05-18 2018-05-28 25000000 EXB 0.50 USD

Our Team

team memeber

Mack Deacon

Chief Executive Officer

team memeber

John Turnbull

Digital Marketing

team memeber

Maddison Shaw

Legal Advisor

team memeber

Dominik Archer

IT Specialist

team memeber

Joe Mellor

Blockchain Expert

team memeber

Sam Turner

Technical Director

team memeber

Jamie Todd


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Frequently Asked Questions

Extrabit Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company number 10929612, it develop cryptocurrency mining farms

Runing ICO help us raise company fund to develop mining infrastructure and our new project called Decentralized Mining Platform

Our mining platform is profitable because we have our own mining facility, access to free electricity and professional crypto experts

We have negotiated a free cost of electricity with the local supplier, our access extended till 2023, then 50% off lifetime, we received such free electricity offer instead of providing blockchain technology to local supplier and its partners

Participate in ICO make you company investor, all token holders will receive 185% yearly ROI, pay in Ethereum every quarter as long as you own your EXB tokens

Register at our ICO portal and try buy token based on ICO calendar, we accept ETH, BTC and many other altcoins for token purchase

Instantly after token purchase, you will have it in your ICO portal account, after ICO period end, you can withdraw it to EXB Wallet apps or your MyEtherWallet as it is ERC20 standard token

Private Pre-Sale is special offer for those who want to be first in EXB token holders club, we offer 50% off for Private Pre-Sale, Main ICO is normal period for our crowdfunding divided to three phase, Phase 1 includes 30% discount, Phase 2 includes 20% discount and Phase 3 is normal price $0.50/EXB, contact ico@extrabit.io for more details about Private Pre-Sale

There is minimum for Private Pre-Sale, if you want to participate in it, you have to invest at least $20000, after token purchase we will send tokens to your MyEtherWallet within 48 hours, while in Main ICO, you need to wait ICO period end before you able to move tokens to MyEtherWallet, contact ico@extrabit.io for more details about Private Pre-Sale

Yes, our EXB Wallet apps will be available for download after ICO period end

Yes, after ICO period end, you can control over your tokens to buy, sell or exchange it at top exchangers

You can ask your questions in Live Help or submit Contact Us form, we try our best to respond you within 24 hours

Yes, we give 5% commission in EXB token for any EXB purchase by your referral

Login to your account and find your referral link under Referral menu

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